Saturday, July 09, 2005


I.G.O.R., the SUPERFRANKENSTEIN computer, is still in the God damned shop! Normal service will resume upon its return (maybe Monday)! This makes me feel about as useless as The Hot Parts Guy, who left Fantastic Four in the middle

due to an urgency at home that would not have called me out of the theater if the CAP Ministry were a fulltime salaried ministry.
Hint, hint! Anyway, 56 minutes of The World's Greatest Motion Picture were enough to make HPG feel funny down there, with its
massive action violence; sexual requests, offers; below navel skin - male; other sexually immoral matters including Invisible Woman stripping to her underwear (she was invisible but her underwear were not and neither were the motions of a woman stripping invisible.) and a most vulgar implication regarding stimulated male anatomy.
He means The Human Torch cracked a superfunny joke about Mr. Fantastic's power to stretch his weenie! You can read the whole half-review at God's Guide To The Hot Parts!

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