Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Batman's Right Wing

Washington Post, July 3:

Holy smaller government and lower taxes, Batman... "Batman Begins" has become something of a cult hit among fans of free markets, individualism and Ayn Rand, among other things... Kapow!
The Bidinotto Blog:
This Batman is the antithesis of your entire sick, parasitical, eat-the-rich, blame-the-victim-not-the-criminal, sacrifice-the-individual-to-the-collective gang view of human nature and society. In the form of a mythic pop hero, Batman Begins presents a heroic, self-assertive and unapologetic view of human potential, individual self-responsibility and larger-than-life entrepreneurship. Batman is a fantasy archetype of heroic American individualism.
Objectivism Online:
Two other less prominent, but equally positive, ideas ran through the movie. One was the necessity of judging another's character primarily by their actions... The second idea, the one that was most shocking to me, was the idea of taking pride in selfishness. The hero of the movie actually conveys pride in selfishness.
National Review Online:
The generation gap between the Wayne parents and son, Bruce, marks a transition from detached liberal philanthropy to engaged conservative crime fighting. Bruce’s generous parents live at a safe distance from the city in a protected mansion. Bruce converts to conservatism the old-fashioned way — a liberal mugged, not so much by reality, as by, well, a mugger who kills his parents.
Acton Institute For The Study Of Religion & Liberty:
Yet one of the most gratifying aspects of this film is its affirmation of the value of traditional institutions more generally, such as the family, rule of law, and private ownership of the means of production.
The Ludwig Von Mises Institute isn't buying:
Wayne Industries is presumably the largest employer in Gotham, but never once is the firm's success or failure mentioned as a determinant of economic stability. Bankrupting the company by pouring money into a monorail is hardly the best way to benefit those in need of jobs and security...

The solutions Batman Begins offers to Gotham's struggle with economics and ethics are thus 1) redistribution of wealth and 2) a violent "crackdown" on those engaging in trade deemed unacceptable. Is this a message that should excite those passionate about free markets?


El Duque said...


Plus, Batman favors nuclear power, by the wearing of his private utility belt.

Alexandre said...

This doesn't surprises me. It's pretty much the Frank Miller's Batman's vision, in DKR.

phismi said...

Wow. Here I just thought it was a movie about a really angry rich guy venting his rage on anybody he doesn't like. And some stuff with Katie Holmes that didn't need to be there ...

Anonymous said...

I think it's faintly odd that people would grasp on a fictional story to justify and prove real world behavior. Isn't that a little bit misleading and dangerous?

Anonymous said...

It was a fun movie based on a COMIC BOOK.
I ate pop corn.
If you want to talk about what
matters in the real world, let's
catch up with the run away bride.
Is she in Playboy yet?

Jerry willis