Friday, July 29, 2005

neverendingRadio Sterno: My mentor Roger Stern will be interviewed tonight at 11:30 Eastern on WUSB-FM! Click over, listen and learn all about Roger's new Superman novel!

[DISCLAIMER: I call Sterno my mentor because he taught me how to write and bought me my first pair of shoes! But that doesn't mean it's fair to blame him for the things I've done since! So leave him alone, see?]


Robby Reed said...

Roger Stern is one of the VERY few good comic writers (along with TP of course!). And that is the biggest "S" symbol I've ever seen Superman sport!

Robby Reed

..... ....

Jacob "H" Tucker said...

I quite enjoyed Roger Stern's Death and Return of Superman novel.

His run on Dr. Strange is second only to the original Ditko stuff.

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