Thursday, July 28, 2005

Links Of Fury

Black Jack #1: Neilalien displays a comic he made when he was nine--and the Spider-Man panels that inspired it! [Via Clea]

Chelnica or Benteen? The Utah Baby Namer!

Myra Amos becomes Tori: Music Stars' Real Names!

"They Rock!!!!"
[Via Bobbyblogs]

Christian Exodus wants to move all fundamentalists to South Carolina, then secede! Seeya!

Photos of Kevin Spacey as Lex Luthor!

Christ, That Dog's Big!


Jim Chadwick said...

Groups like Christian Exodus baffle me. One day, they are breathlessly awaiting the coming of the "End Times" when they will all be lifted up to heaven. The next, they are undertaking impossible, utopian projects like trying to establish a Christian state that would take years to accomplish, if at all. Why don't they stop worrying about such earthly foolishness, kick back, and just wait to carried off when the rest of us are burning up in a fiery apocalypse?

Jacob "H" Tucker said...

Wow Lil Bow Wow's real name is Shad. He's named after bait.

TraumaQueen said...

If Christian Exodus succeeds, at least I'll know not to visit South Carolina.

Where do you find all this crazy stuff anyway? Superfrankenstein rocks.

Anonymous said...

TQ, didn't you *already* know not to visit S. Carolina?

TraumaQueen said...

All I know is that even terrorists wouldn't go near South Carolina. Too bad.