Wednesday, July 20, 2005

The News

Teen gets four years in prison for comic book theft

Fantastic Four star 'hates comics'

Mathematics proves Christ was resurrected by God

Syracuse bank robber escapes by taxi to Rochester

'Scotty's' New York Times Obit

Seattle man dies after sex with horse

Washington lawmaker wants to outlaw bestiality

Comic-book loving church pastors work superheroes into sermons


Anonymous said...

Even though there is nothing to do in Syracuse, at least people are not having
sex with animals there! Who are these men???

But I see someone robbed a bank in Syracuse and realized that Rochester was
the place to go have some real fun!

He even risked the snow drifts of Tully to get out of there! Or is July the one month with out snow in Syracuse?

Jerry Willis

Jim Chadwick said...

I guess Republican Senator Rick Santorum was right. Once we started allowing gay marriage, Mr. Ed and all of his kind now think they are free to indulge their unnatural animal urges for carnal acts with human beings.

HP said...

You can have my horsecock when you pry it from my cold, dead hands!