Thursday, July 21, 2005

'Chekov Will Be Next'


Posters on a Star Trek forum process Scotty's death:

What could get worse on this show? They cancel the original after three seasons, they wait almost 20 years until TNG, Enterprise is cancelled, now Scotty.

Rick Berman should be happy today it's one less of the original cast he needs to think about.

I guess his engines just couldn't take anymore. (sorry couldn't resist.)

He only had nice things to say about everybody (except Bill Shatner) and was a gentleman when I got his autograph.

Jimmy Doohan was always willing to sign autographs, and he'd sign all day for you if you gave him a bottle of good Scotch Whiskey, which of course we used to do when I worked the conventions.

He what????????? He fathered a child on the age of 79???

Yeah, It look's like Scotty got Beamed Up this time around! He was my second favorite character in the series.

I will be watching my Original Series DVDs later like I usually do, and this time, I will in honour of James Doohan's passing.

tonight I will watch T.O.S Series 2 in rememberance.

I urge all of you to watch a Star Trek show or movie today or soon in honor of one of the best actors of all time.

I just remembered that I have a signed refrigerator magnet showing him in an easy chair, talking about transwarp drive!

If only we had a transporter beam to suspend you in time, like you had in that Next Generation episode.

Thank you for being there for Kirk when Spock died. Similarly, thank you for your support after David was murdered by the Klingons.

I always had the feeling that Scotty would be the next one to "beam up" after Dr. McCoy. I now get the uneasy feeling that Chekov will be the next.


El Duque said...


Who will become extinct first? the remaining Batman supervillains, (Riddler GONE) or the Enterprize crew (Scotty GONE).

I'm betting Star Trek crew. Shat will make it to 100.

Jacob "H" Tucker said...

Although not a "Super" villain, King Tut's royal apothecary (Sid Haig) is alive and well and can be seen in the art-house favorite "The Devil's Rejects."