Monday, March 14, 2005


ADAM WEST IS PLAYING BATMAN AGAIN!!! ADAM WEST IS PLAYING BATMAN AGAIN!!! in Batman: New Times, a LEGO animation. A preview is up at the site; I'd tell you how it is, but for some reason I.G.O.R., the SUPERFRANKENSTEIN computer, won't play it. Damn you, I.G.O.R.!


El Duque said...


When I see Adam West, only the words of Lulu can sum it up:

How can you thank someone who has taken you from Crayons to perfume...?

Dav said...

The New Times trailer hasn't worked in a while, so I don't think it's just your computer. I saw it before it went offline, though, and it is spiffy. The Adam West bits are great, showing the perfect amount of restraint in the amount of camp. The full version was supposed to be up around Christmas (maybe?), dunno what's going on there.