Friday, March 18, 2005

High & Mighty

Comics fans, when I was explaining about baseball in the previous post, I forgot to add one thing. When politicians and Major League Baseball executives argue about steroids, they're talking about Super-Soldier Serum.

The only difference:

Mark McGwire maybe shoots juice, hits a lot home runs, and Congress makes him cry.

Steve Rogers definitely shoots juice, hits a lot of Nazis, and not only are there no consequences but he actually gets to star in an anti-drug comic book!


El Duque said...


Do not try to explain baseball to comic book fans.

They see Iron Man as Tony Stark, not Cal Ripken.

They see Spiderman as Peter Parker, not Tori Hunter.

They see the Penguin as Batman's foe, not Ron Cey.

They wonder if The Big Unit can destroy the Punisher.

They'll never accept that Flash Gordon plays for the Yankees and recently took part in the greatest humiliation and most shameful disgrace in the history of sports.

They don't need to know this. They are happier without real life intervening.

Superfrankenstein said...

They see The Thing as Ben Grimm, not Bud Selig.

El Duque said...


Sometimes, I confuse the Thing with the Rocket. Doc Ock and Doc Ellis, too. Don't get me started on Godzilla.

At least the Japanese movie version never cheapened its legacy by being involved with the most disgraceful and humiliating collapse in the history of organized sport.