Sunday, March 06, 2005

(A CUSTOMER steps up to a video-store counter with a stack of videos.)

CASHIER: Hi. Did you find everything you wanted?

CUSTOMER: (Handing over membership card.) Yes, thanks. (Pause.) When is this one due back?

CASHIER: The day after tomorrow.

CUSTOMER: Yeah, when's it due back?

CASHIER: The day after tomorrow.

CUSTOMER: Yes. The Day After Tomorrow.


CUSTOMER: Right. When's it due back?

CASHIER: The day after tomorrow.

CUSTOMER: I mean the movie. The Day After Tomorrow. When is it due?

CASHIER: Oh! I get it. That's funny. You thought I meant—right, OK. It's due the day after tomorrow.

CUSTOMER: The Day After Tomorrow is due the day after tomorrow?

CASHIER: Exactly.

CUSTOMER: And Before Sunset?

CASHIER: Anytime before 10.
Who's On First? by Chris Gavaler. [Via]

Up early. Ran like hell. No sign of coyote. Ate. Fidgeted. Ran like hell.


Up early. Ran (speed work). Trompe l'oeil master class, 10 to noon...
Roadrunner's Diary by Jeff Steinbrink.

Both at McSweeney's.

Bonus Genius: Click on "comments" and read what El Duque wrote.

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El Duque said...

A Series of Unfortunate Events
(A poem comprised of 2004 movie titles)

Before sunset,
Without a paddle
The Prince & me,
Meet the Fockers,
Connie and Carla.
White chicks.
Mean girls.
The whole ten yards.

After the sunset,
I, robot,
Walking on water,
Head in the clouds,
Breakin' all the rules,
(The butterfly effect:
13 going on 30,
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind.)
Win a date with Tad Hamilton,
The aviator,
Bush's brain.

The day after tomorrow,
Super-size me.
I'll sleep when I'm dead,
Beyond the sea,
As it is in heaven,
Enduring Love,
Surviving Christmas,
Chasing liberty,
Finding Neverland.