Thursday, March 31, 2005

Panel 1


Jason said...

...and I am not yet ready to reveal my love for her. This Lois charade grows tired, for 60 years I’ve been using her in an attempt to expose Supergirl’s passion for me and it’s gotten me know where. Dead end relationship, dead end job and the sex just isn’t what it used to be. She gives decent head but I only get it on my Birthday. Maybe I should tell her Kryptonians have 52 birthdays a year? LOL! No-one gets me like you do, diary.

Jason said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

He swallowed, eyes still closed, as she wrapped her hand around his slippery, wet shaft. Most of Jaraks men were stationed closely around the womens tower and the central court. Brevin gave thought to seeing his own mother but decided to visit his brother instead. But the vetriese… Irin paused. Shaking, she stood still until she thought her vision might be back to normal. He gave her a mock glare and flicked at her ear. Are you sure you want to do this? She, too, was watching, her cheek resting on the top of his head. Blue eyes stared at her from an expressionless face. Tykir sat on the arm of it beside him. Big fingers cupped her chin, tilted her face up. Your shield is flawless, Tykir murmured, his heat warming her other arm. What do you say, Eyrie? He stroked gentle fingertips along her jaw. Over, he commanded with a light slap to the side of her hip. She turned her head to find Tykirs soft lips. He shook his head, stepping farther into the room. I never thought Id be allowed to raise children when I was with Aletone. She hardly knew how to ask. He laughed, pulling his mouth from hers after a few steps.

Anonymous said...

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