Saturday, March 19, 2005


Stuart Moore writes, I loved this Amazon Customer Review for ESSENTIAL SPIDER-MAN Vol. 6, and thought you might too:

This answers the question, "When exactly did AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as a series go completely to HELL?" No-it WASN'T when John Romita stopped inking. It WASN'T when Gwen Stacy was murdered (which, after all these years, it turned out it was John Romita's...idea). And no-it WASN'T even when Stan Lee stopped writing "his" main character!!! NO!!! It was when GIL KANE started DRAWING the [darn] book, THAT'S when!!! Kane's people are UGLY, his anatomy is AWKWARD, and his storytelling has NO sense of fun or humor about it at ALL!!! Most of these I'd never read before, and I got the book mainly because it was a CHEAP way to fill these huge gaping holes in my Spidey collection. MY GOD!! Reading these is like watching the 6th season of HUNTER. Sure, Dee Dee McCall was still there, but the whole tone, balance and focus of the show had gone terribly astray, thanks to Fred Dryer's massive ego getting in the way.
Well, that took an unexpected turn. There's more at Amazon. Scroll down to the review called GIL KANE's Spider-Man. Important: Both Stuart and I know how great Gil Kane was, so please don't defend him to us.


layne said...

Stupid Petey. Anyone else would have just shown up in time to for the "Any objections/speak now or hold your piece" part of the service, but nooo, Parker the whiner can't be bothered to follow common ettiquette, and then risks eternal damnation by webbing up a Bible. Forget Gil Kane - I'm going to write an Amazon review about how much I hate Spider-Man, selfish little crybaby.
Side note: All members of wedding parties should have machine guns. I was a bridesman for my sister, and I certainly would have appreciated one.

Anonymous said...

"With this ring I thee-- WEB?"

That's priceless, truly.

Kitty said...

There were six seasons of Hunter??