Wednesday, March 30, 2005

John: I don't know ... Ethel was a stripper working a mercenary bar in Central America, maybe an opium den/whorehouse in the Phillipines. Marrying Fred was her ticket out and to respectability. Hence her street smarts and sass.

Tyrone: (beat) Are you pitching the "Ethel Mertz Working a Donkey Show in Tijuana" backstory?
Kung Fu Monkey improves I Love Lucy, threatens fanfic.


Anonymous said...

How "secretly" can you follow someone while riding a donkey?


Goody said...

'Threatens fanfic?' Then he must be stopped, for the good of all. It's a short slide downhill from 'innocent fanfic' to 'The Agony of Princess Leia.'
Google it. If you dare!