Friday, March 25, 2005

This Year's Model

More Schiavo merchandise:

Terri Schiavo As Joan Of Arc Cufflinks $9.95

Euthanasia term paper citing Schiavo case in sales pitch. $69.95

Save Terri Schiavo Italian Charm $5.99

Always Err On The Side Of Life Beer Stein $15.50

Terri Domain Name Current bid: $355.00


El Duque said...


There is only one thing to do.

Clone Terri.

If they had just done it 15 years ago, she could have pulled the feeding tube herself. Not only that, but she'd be hot.

Superfrankenstein said...

I call her stem cells!

SFChick74 said...

Gordon Gekko would be proud.

El Duque said...


Maybe the Save Terri (or Save Randall Terry?) crowd will hijack a passenger plane and steer it into the courthouse, killing as many Godless evildoers as possible.