Monday, March 07, 2005

"I Kid Because I Love."


IT'S not too soon for Hollywood to start thinking about next year's Oscar ceremony - and if the producers want another outrageous, hard-edged host in the style of Chris Rock, they need look no further than Washington. Vice President Dick Cheney can do the job, as evidenced by White House transcripts, which faithfully note his comedic genius...
Dick Cheney, Stand-Up Comic by Hart Seely, at the New York Times.
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El Duque said...


This is funny?

The guy's a maniac, and we're supposed to laugh?

Cancel my subscription.

Jason said...

They left out my favorite:

"You want to hear a joke? Go fuck yourself! What, you don't get the punchline? It's 'cause you're a moron! That's right, a whining, liberal, moron. You're not worthy of licking the shit off of my boot. You moron. You goddamn liberal. You disgust me, you terrorist. (Laughter)"

-Dick Cheney at his daughter's birthday.