Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Bits Of Bizarro Business

Assorted Street Posters @ UbuWeb

272 Desert Island Cartoons [Via]

Things we don't see Daredevil do anymore... @ Progressive Ruin. PLUS! Scroll down for a shocking SUPERGIRL image! [Thanks for pointing this out, Stuart! Now quit dickin' around on the internet and bring back Ronnie Raymond!]

Candles that smell like Jesus, and you can buy them and light the candles and the candles smell like Jesus.

“When I smelled the candle, I knew it was something special.”
- Vermillion, SD retailer

“They smell very pleasant. It’s not overpowering. It’s really nice… I think they’ll be very popular.”
- Anchor’s comments on KELO TV, Sioux Falls, SD
Customer Comments on candles that smell like Jesus

New Yorker spot illustrations go sequential [NY Times] "Starting with the magazine's 80th anniversary issue last month, those quirky illustrations - known as spots to the magazine's staff - have been quietly unspooling through each issue like minimalist silent films, sharing a running theme or even telling microstories."

Special bonus afterthought: Thanks to everyone who links to SUPERFRANKENSTEIN!


Des said...

Thanks for linking to me Tom!

Superfrankenstein said...

You're welcome, and thanks back atcha, Des. I enjoy your blog & I envy your time in Glasgow.