Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bullshit Suspected

Wyoming Health Department officials have confirmed that fecal matter contaminated the water supply at an Albany County Bible camp where dozens of camp-goers have become sick.
Contaminated Bible Camp Water Sickens Dozens


el duque said...


Mel Gibson wouldn't have gotten sick at the Bible camp, because he wouldn't have drank water.

Wait a minute. How come you're not doing anything about Mel Gibson?

What's wrong? Aren't you a Jew? I always figured with a last name, "Stine," you must be a Jew. What's the deal, here?

Superfrankenstein said...

Mel Gibson is probably the one who shit in the water.

Jesus Saves said...

I'll bet it was them commies from D.C.

Spysmasher said...

This "news item" is only funny to Superfrankenstein because kids from a BIBLE CAMP got sick. That's ALWAYS funny, right? Any other kids getting sick wouldn't be funny... but since BIBLE CAMP is such a ridiculous and absurd idea, it's OK to laugh at the kids there getting sick, right?

The truth is: Superfrankenstein is a religious bigot who hates Christians! (But that's OK of course. It's not like he hates Muslims. THAT would be an outrage. But hating Christians? Well that's just FINE of course.)

Superfrankenstein said...

Speak when you're spoken to, Christian.

MJ Norton said...

Given what the kids were being handed at that camp at first it seemed suspect that more of it in the water would have made them sick, but maybe it's all a question of how one takes BS in as to how it injures. A body can live on for a great many years with higher brain functions destroyed, after all.