Monday, August 07, 2006

Bush Rage At Condi's Antics

SKY News –– It seems Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's antics in the Middle East have not pleased her boss one bit.

In fact, President George W. Bush is furious with her for exploiting his name.

Bush has told Human Events magazine how Condi's bitching about him has driven him to despair.

He said: "I'm being used all over again. Without me, Condi would be nothing. What exactly is she famous for? Nothing.

"I don't think I could see her again. Why would I want to see someone who has completely slaughtered me? If she hates me that much, why doesn't she quit?"

During her time in the Middle East, Condi told diplomats how Bush was abusive to his wife, Laura, and was difficult to work for because of his addiction to alcohol.

Laura Bush spoke out about her physical abuse last year, and W. made a public apology after admitting he attacked her in a drunken rage in 1996.

He recently spent time getting help for his addiction.

He said: "I am an alcoholic. I've recently got back from AA meetings in Texas.

"I went there to get away while the Israel/Lebanon thing was on. Unfortunately, I got the timing wrong and returned before it started."

And Bush insists he would be happy if he never saw his Secretary of State again.

He said: "Condi is a fame-hungry, money grabbing nobody. What would she be doing if it wasn't for me? I have no idea."


Incredulous in Indianapolis said...

Where can I read more?

Superfrankenstein said...

Keep checking back here, Incredulous! I have a feeling this story won't go away!

el duque said...


This is old news.

The National Enquirer has been on this for months.

You think you're big.

You're not.

Superfrankenstein said...

el duque

We'll see who's big.

And I hope I get to see the look on your face.

spysmasher said...

SF's motto: If you can't find the anti-Bush news item you want, just MAKE UP ONE! And such a "funny" one too. Ha. Ha.

SF focuses on silly trivia rather than CONGRATULATE the Bush administration on stopping a major terror attack that would have killed THOUSANDS (using "illegal" wiretaps, I might add.).

If the attack had gone through as planned, SF would have blamed Bush for not stopping it, and done so with great glee disguised as sorrow/outrage. But since the attack was foiled, SF must simply ignore it, or attempt to trivialize it. After all, for SF there is only ONE reality: Bush sucks.

While the sane people in the world THANK Bush for foiling the latest attack, SF ingores the whole issue, and prepares for his next Bush mockery. So childish!

SF spends his life hating Bush, and blaming him for everything, including bad weather and original sin. What on EARTH will SF do with his life after Bush leaves office????