Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mike Douglas, 1925-2006


Years passed, maybe 43, before my little girl said to me:
"Dad? There's a boy outside, his name is Cedric. He says he's a paramedic.
Did you call him, dad? Dad? Oh my God! DAD?"

The men in my little girl's life
The men in my little girl's life


spysmasher said...

How on earth can you make a "funny" post... about a man passing away?!?! Ever hear of "don't speak ill of the dead?" But I'm sure you haven't, as this would indicate manners and class, qualities that are completely foreign to you.

One day, Tom, your OWN father and mother will die. I have no doubt that when they DO, you will rush to the internet to make a "funny" post about it! Find a funny song to go with it! And a funny pic! That will be so funny! We will all laugh! Right?!?!

STFU said...


You're just sad. A sick, twisted sad little wreck of an human being. All you can do is show up here and complain. What's wrong? Did your Doctor Who videos get stuck in the VHS? Who said that post was funny? You might have thought it was funny, you sick bastard. But others here (like myself) thought it was touching and poignant. And entirely appropriate.

el duque said...


You think you're big, don't you.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, you are nothing more than a living, breathing, two-legged female falsie for what you wrote about Mike Douglas. You should be ashamed of yourself.

And you should be "taken out" before Merv dies.

You should be, as the kids say, "capped."

Well, listen-up, funnyman: Keep your twisted, falsie-grabbing hands off of Merv. You hear? DON'T EVEN THINK OF SAYING ANYTHING WHEN MERV DIES, OR THERE WILL BE TROUBLE.

I have nothing more to write.

Cole Moore Odell said...

As a 4-year-old I adored Mike Douglas. My parents tell me I used to kiss the TV screen when he came on.