Wednesday, August 23, 2006

No More Must Superfrankenstein Tread This Earth--ALONE.

Stuart Moore distinguished himself so well the other day with that post about Lili Taylor's ass, I conned him into sharing the whole blog. He'll post his shit, I'll post mine, and there will be more to read around here.

Stuart and I worked at DC together at the beginning of our comics careers, so it's only fitting we reunite for the launch of our decrepit years. Be nice to him. Those of you who are ever nice at all, I mean.

TEASER: More new members might join Superfrankenstein and the Monster Force in the coming days! Which one will betray the team? And which one will DIE?


el duque said...

Are you guys gay?

Is this your, as the kids of today say, "coming out?"

Not that it matters.

It doesn't matter to me one little bit.

But if you guys are running a big gay thing here, the people have a right to know. And I'll wonder what you're up to when there aren't any postings.

Superfrankenstein said...

The committed left wing hates Superfrankenstein, along with some other bloggers, because we provide a balance to the overwhelming secular presence on the internet.

Some commenters have been using personal attacks and smears to try to marginalize people with whom they disagree.

That's no longer tolerable, and Superfrankenstein and the Monster Force are going to launch a campaign to hold these smear merchants accountable.

Today Superfrankenstein became a partnership. Anonymous commmenter "el duque," who wasn't invited in, didn't like that, and smeared us.

Any commenter who uses smear tactics in any way will be featured on the sidebar and inducted into the Superfrankenstein and the Monster Force 'Hall of Shame.'

We will keep a running list of smear merchants on this blog.

Superfrankenstein has no objection to anyone criticizing his stand on any matter.

But beginning today, the smear stops here.

(Not that being called gay is a smear.)

spysmasher said...

Excellent news! Now you won't have to shoulder all the heavy Bush-bashing yourself! You can share it with your lover!

el duque said...

Both of you,

Don't be so defensive. It almost sounds as if you are guy and are really defensive about it, which you have no reason to be.

I was merely asking a question, and I'm sorry I upset you.

I'm sorry that I was even born!

Kris Stacks:slack ass said...

Ha Ha! I was right! This is Stuart Moore's blog!

Stuart Moore said...

No, I'm a newcomer. You can tell because I don't know shit about baseball.

Can you say shit here? (I don't know that, either.)

"crusher" said...

Fuck Stuart Moore!

I wanna be one of the Monster Farts!!

"crusher" said...

(not really, Stuart)

Roberto said...

Who the fuck is Stuart Moore?


Superfrankenstein said...

Who the fuck are you?

Chris Burnham said...

I think did this so you have more time to post on Layman's blog.