Sunday, August 27, 2006

Curricula Dentata

Somebody on one of the comments threads asked, “Who the fuck is Stuart Moore?” I’m always happy to turn a rude but understandable question into an opportunity for shameless self-promotion -- and since my grandmother always said, “Say it with hyperlinks,” here we go:

I’m primarily a comic book writer. I write FIRESTORM monthly for DC Comics. Young Jason Rusch has all the power in the universe -- and a family life straight from hell. You can read up on the character here , and discuss the book here and here .

I’ve written a variety of other material for DC recently, including LEGION OF SUPERHEROES, JLA ADVENTURES, and a four-part arc of JSA CLASSIFIED featuring the immortal villain Vandal Savage. I have a two-part BATMAN story in the works, too.

In November, Marvel will publish my PUNISHER X-MAS SPECIAL . It’s called “The List” -- the Punisher’s “naughty” list, that is. Probably the darkest, most nihilistic thing I’ve written. Fun!

October sees the start of EARTHLIGHT , a series of graphic novels from Tokyopop. This is an intense high school drama set on Earth’s first moon colony, with a nasty twist to volume 1. Tokyopop has already picked up volume 2; I’ve recently completed the script. You can read the first chapter online here .

I’m also writing STARGATE ATLANTIS comics for Avatar Press. The first issue of WRAITHFALL, our initial three-part miniseries, is on sale now. Driven by guilt, Major Sheppard endangers an entire alien race in his quest to wipe out the energy-vampires called the Wraith. Not just your average tie-in comic -- I was given remarkable freedom here, and I’m very proud of the results.

I also write prose. Games Workshop will publish REALITY BITES , my second Dark Future novel, in October (U.K.)/November (U.S.). In this one, freelance lawman Batton MacKay follows the trail of a creature called the Chimera Dentata to a bizarre reality show that used to be the country of Paraguay. Near-future satirical action-adventure.

The first MacKay novel, AMERICAN MEAT , is available now.

And I have a novella called “Chaotic Response” in CONSTELLATIONS , Pocket Books’s 40th anniversary Star Trek anthology. Kirk must rescue Spock from a trap within the Vulcan’s own mind, while the ship faces a deadly Klingon barrage. I tried to write a real classic Kirk/Spock/McCoy story here, and I think it came out pretty well. That’ll be out in September.

I’ve also been a book editor, a kitchen worker, a recreation counselor, an award-winning comics editor, and the nighttime manager of the Lawrenceville, N.J. Woolworth's curtain department.

So that’s who the fuck Stuart Moore is! Right now, anyway. Next month I’ll probably be someone else.


el duque said...

Who the fuck is Tom Peyer?

Superfrankenstein said...

I like beer.

spysmasher said...

That is quite a list of third-rate comics and cutout bin novels you have written! Impressive!

-Spysmasher, "Right Wing Nut"

Stuart Moore said...

Thanks, Spysmasher. You've got quite a collection of uninformed rants and idiotic opinions, yourself. We're all big fans!

spysmasher said...

Gee thanks! I know you mean it.

Anonymous said...

Spysmasher: why don't you go back to the DC message boards and rant about Hal Jordan some more?

Jason said...

Holy shit, I go away from the site for a couple of weeks and come back to find Stuart Moore posting here, nice.

And spysmasher's still a douche! Double nice!

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

spysmasher said...

And Jason still has nothing to say! Nice!

Jason said...

You're right - I don't have anything to say. So I got my monkey to talk for me.

Stuart Moore said...

Jason! Good to see you here.

I think there may be more Monster Force members coming. But only the One True SuperFrankenstein knows for sure...n