Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Poetry Of CNBC

Terror & Leisure


Anonymous said...

No surprise here: Superfrankenstein loves terror, hates leisure.

spysmasher said...

No surprise here: SF focuses on silly trivia rather than CONGRATULATE the Bush administration on stopping a major terror attack that would have killed THOUSANDS (using "illegal" wiretaps, I might add.).

If the attack had gone through as planned, SF would have blamed Bush for not stopping it, and done so with great glee disguised as sorrow/outrage. But since the attack was foiled, SF must simply ignore it, or attempt to trivialize it. After all, for SF there is only ONE reality: Bush sucks.

While the sane people in the world THANK Bush for foiling the latest attack, SF ingores the whole issue, and prepares for his next Bush mockery. So childish!

SF spends his life hating Bush, and blaming him for everything, including bad weather and original sin. What on EARTH will SF do with his life after Bush leaves office????

Anonymous said...

WHAT? Bush foiled the attack? The story I read said that the arrests were made by the British. This was after some "good old- fashioned" police work on their part,not our cloak-and-dagger stuff.

Anonymous said...

Spysmasher, you moron, it was Britain's MI-5 that stopped the attack. We should be grateful that Bush WASN'T involved, based on that war criminal's Midas shit-touch with everything else, from 9-11 to illegally attacking the wrong country to bankrupting our treasury. Unless putting Ted Kennedy on the terror watch list is your idea of protecting us.

And while that Rapture-loving dimwit may not have caused original sin, he is responsible for some bad weather: he appoints former industry lobbyists to government positions meant to *protect* timber and other environmental public interests; he's kept us out of the Kyoto Accord, unlike the other actual sane people of the world, which forces industry ro reduce greenhouse gas; and his crooked appointees doctor reports from scientists to downplay the existence of global warming.

But don't worry. There'll be plenty more for Superfrankenstein and the rest of us to do after Bush leaves office -- involuntarily, after the November elections and his impeachment. Because he's done such serious, long-term damage to America and the Constitution that he holds in such contempt, that it'll take another generation to fix it all.

Superfrankenstein said...

You know, Anonymous, my policy is to discourage posters from giving the fucking freak troll the attention he pathetically craves, but you and your arguments rule.

spysmasher said...

"fucking freak troll"?!?!???!

Wow. And to think I used to have my picture at the top of this site. Was that how you tried to "discourage posters from giving the fucking freak troll the attention he pathetically craves"?

It's working well, isn't it.

At any rate, it continues to amaze me how you liberals twist yourselves into pretezels trying to justify your all-consuming Bush hatred.

Bush should go to the White House lawn and announce that the sky is blue. Your liberals would instantly declare that the sky is NOT blue and never was!

As for impeachement, dream on. The Democratic party is now "Kos-Land," and it is not capable of running electable candidates. Get used to Republican rule, or stew in your own hatred!

Signed, The Fucking Freak Troll Who Pathetically Craves Attention (Yet Owns This Web Site!)

Ralph Dibny said...

It's good to see a man achieving his lifetime goal.

Some men create cures for the diseases that ravage us. Some men create works of art that immortalise them down the centuries. Some men dedicate their lives to fighting fires, saving lives and stopping crime.

But some men 'own' web sites by snubbing the efforts of the MI-5 agents who saved the lives of thousands of American citizens and giving the credit to someone else.

And these are the greatest men of all.

spysmasher said...

AND some men snub the efforts of THEIR OWN GOVERNMENT, which HELPED save the lives of thousands of citizens, and desperately try to give the credit to ANYone else. (By the way, you are supposed to be ignoring me!)

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the efforts of our own government, Spy-splatter: It's now being reported that American investigators were such a hindrance to the investigation that, because of their ham-handedness, the terror suspects may not even be convicted. If our crack anti-terror forces keep offering help of that caliber, you'd better use up your frequent flier miles fast.

spysmasher said...

Yes, we'd ALL better move to another, safer country right away! It's just a living hell here. I don't know HOW you stand it! Please President Bush, you awful sub-moron/evil genius, please hurry up and leave office so America can be re-transformed into a utopia again!