Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Sign From God

[Via Slog]


Doubter in Des Moines said...

Statements like this need to be substantiated! Maybe, just maybe, he just licks it!

spysmasher said...

Hannity sucks ass? Leave it to SF to focus on silly trivia rather than CONGRATULATE the Bush administration on stopping a major terror attack that would have killed THOUSANDS (using "illegal" wiretaps, I might add.).

If the attack had gone through as planned, SF would have blamed Bush for not stopping it, and done so with great glee disguised as sorrow/outrage. But since the attack was foiled, SF must simply ignore it, or attempt to trivialize it. After all, for SF there is only ONE reality: Bush sucks.

While the sane people in the world THANK Bush for foiling the latest attack, SF ingores the whole issue, and prepares for his next Bush mockery. So childish!

SF spends his life hating Bush, and blaming him for everything, including bad weather and original sin. What on EARTH will SF do with his life after Bush leaves office????

STFU said...

Spysmasher sucks ass.

Hoosier X said...


Please go somewhere else. You have overwhelmed us with your intellectual superiority and your towering wit and we are all beaten into submission. Now you are just rubbing it in. Your arrogance makes it hard for any of us beaten liberals to admit you are right. So go away for a while, enlighten the liberals at Daily Kos and Sadly, No and other blogs for a time, then come back and we can all agree with you and pretend that we always felt the same as you. It would be much smarter and more effective.

Or is Netvocates only paying you for SF?

spysmasher said...

You are supposed to be IGNORING me! Didn't you get the memo? Go post comments on an item that doesn't involve me! Why are you obsessed with me?