Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Last Living Person To Have Pitched To Babe Ruth...


...died Friday in Florida at the age of 95.
I struck him out on four pitches. I tried to keep the ball on his fists and keep the ball down so he couldn't get ahold of it.
Here's a recent interview with Elden Auker of the World Champion '35 Tigers. He wasn't shy:
Bud Selig is nothing but a puppet for the owners. Bonds has been a real meal ticket for the Giants' owner. As long as Selig is commissioner, Bonds will never get kicked out of baseball. Selig only came up with his silly steroid policy after pressure and the hearings in Washington.
When I played we pitched differently. If a guy was really hitting we'd say, 'Let's see how they can hit lying down.' We had a knockdown pitch then, but they don't let the pitchers do it now. When I pitched, home plate belonged to me. Today it belongs to the hitters.
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