Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Time Flies, Pausing Briefly To Beat The Living Shit Out Of The Boston Red Sox

2004: Schilling's bloody sock
2006: Francona spitting blood

2004: "Reverse the Curse!"
2006: "My knee hurts."

2004: Idiot
2006: Heart patient


el duque said...

Manny and Pappy
Are tired and slappy.
Lester's a wisp.
Cocco is Crisp.

Beckett and Schilling
Are tired and unwilling.
Timlin's a joke.
And then there is Foulke.

Theo and Terry
And tired and unmerry.
Boomer's not well.
Red Sox in hell.

STFU said...

These are great times.

Here in the Nutmeg State, the Red Sox hats are fewer and farther between. By game 3 of the Massacre, they were all but gone at the grocery store, replaced by Patriots gear.

And things have only gotten better.

The injuries. The whining. The eye rolling resignation.

Good God Almighty! Life is back to normal. The Red Sox have imploded, sending their vaunted Nation scurrying back under the rock from whence they oozed a couple years back.

Superfrankenstein said...

If it ends now they're heartbroken, but they have to play out the string for the whole month of September, which will be worse. That's going to make Francona's spit look relatively unbloody.