Wednesday, January 26, 2005


...For most of us, anyway. Someone is selling Super-Hero Unitards.

Aside to Batman: Alfred made the blue trunks for a reason. For God's sake, wear them.



El Duque said...


You don't like superhero tards? OK, Mr. Super-heroes-are-too-sacred-to-be-defiled, what kind of tards would you prefer?

Accountant tards? Now, that would be hot. Insurance salesman tards?

You've just a thing about tards, and you better get over it, fast, buddyboy.

Jason said...

That's crazy. I can't believe I saw that. I think I might go blind.

Superheroes don't wear leotards nowadays. They wear bulletproof mesh or kevlar. Plus they are more inclinded to wearing cloth instead of leotards. Hell, if a superhero even wears a CAPE, he's considered an old fossil.

Check out my website for the latest in super hero attire. (shamless plug)

V.O.S. said...

so I'm the only one aroused?


the Plex is back up by the way:

Anonymous said...

Now that's a BataWANG!

Anonymous said...

"Throbbin, to the buttmobile!"