Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Shame Calls In Sick

custom_generayburn_lgA link at reminds me that we're overdue for a bath in shame--or, if shame is unavailable, Johnny Ryan.

Warning: These Links Are For Open-Minded, Well-Adjusted Blue-State Adults Only. By Clicking These Links, You Certify That You Are A Free-Thinking Swinger Over 40 Years Of Age.

Johnny Ryan is nothing less than the first lying, snivelling, courageous truth-teller to take on Chris Ware & McSweeneys, the unassailable Art Spiegelman, and a whole stinkin' galleryful of oxymoronic respectable cartoonists!

Sadly, I dragged my feet on this, so you missed free access to his hard-hitting Marvel parodies. But here's my favorite single-panel gag cartoon in a long time. And check in at Ryan's each Thursday for an adorable new installment of Blecky Yuckarella!


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