Saturday, January 08, 2005

Revenge Of The Sith

WASHINGTON (Associated Press) — Newt Gingrich is taking steps toward a potential presidential bid in 2008 with a book criticizing President Bush’s policies on Iraq and a tour of early campaign states.

The former House speaker who led Republicans to power a decade ago said he soon will visit Iowa and New Hampshire to promote his book, try to influence public policy and keep his political options alive.

“Anything seems possible,” including a White House race, Gingrich told The Associated Press.

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Goody said...

It will be the sort of race you'd expect from a guy like Newt: starts out talking all big and blowhardy, then the race starts, he gets winded and has to back off for a bit, then he has a heart attack and dies. Here's hoping! And hell, isn't it a little soon to be looking at 2008?