Friday, January 07, 2005


ComicWASHINGTON - Arizona Rep. J.D. Hayworth has written a letter of protest to the Mexican government urging a halt to its distribution of a new how-to comic book providing safety information for border crossers, calling it "state-sponsored illegal immigration." Arizona Republic. (Wee-haw, J.D.! Don't you put up with them Mexican safety tips!)

SuperfrankenstienJason of Name That Superhero pays tribute to... why, to me, at right! Name that superhero!

Champ Ryan Estrada is posting his record-setting 72-hour, 72-page comic a buttload at a time, here. He plans to go 96/96 in February, in full color, with a web cam. I'll let you know.

Losthawk sends the best smoking-cessation advice I ever got: those heavily-shrink-wrapped bricks of cheese are GREAT for throwing at the walls -- they don't damage the walls and it doesn't actually hurt the cheese either. Thank you, Losthawk. In that spirit, Meg refers me to this, saying I thought you might need something to do with your hands. Thank you, Meg.

Finally, here's another objectionable nugget from God's List Of The Underlined Parts, the Virginia web ministry that publishes the steamy passages and only the steamy passages, so you never have to read the whole book. They put a lot of stock in urine, if you go by yesterday's Angelou excerpt and today's dribble from Love In The Time Of Cholera, by the pornographer Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

"He was the 1st man that [she] heard urinate... the sound of his stallion’s stream seemed so potent, so replete with authority... years weakened the stream.. wetting the rim of the toilet bowl each time... as a young man his stream was so defined and so direct.. he won contests for marksmanship in filling bottles.. with ravages of age oblique and scattered.. a fantastic fountain, impossible to control... humiliating... he wiped the toilet bowl each time..”
I'm Paul Harvey. Gooood day!

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