Monday, January 10, 2005

'Passion' Out Of Fashion?

I guess their man Mel Gibson said nice things about my man Michael Moore after some big awards ceremony last night. You might ask, so what? And I might answer, so we get to watch some heads explode in slow-mo at the big right-wing message board:


He praised Fahrenheit 9/11. He praises Michael Moore and his hate rhetoric propaganda film. There's something wrong there. He's a poser, folks.

Mel has been bashing our troops for a long time. Get a revelation people.

See, folks, he liked Fahrenheit 9/11. Says it all. And he is not religious like he claims. I could understand a rational reason in being against the war but to praise Michael Moore and the film and attack the President's reason shows what kind of person Mel Gibson is. HE IS NO CONSERVATIVE AND HAS NEVER BEEN.

Well, he fought hard for a Christian film and I'm happy about that. However, his political opionions [sic] suck and so does he. I'm boycotting him.
It goes on for pages, and it's still building. Don't let me give you the idea that they all hate Mel; like any good message board community, they mostly hate each other. Good reading.


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V.O.S. said...

Don't they realize that Mel is Catholic? not Christian!

I love it when the right eats itself!