Saturday, January 22, 2005


The SpongeBob will turn your kids gay "controversy" is so insane that even The Hot Parts Guy is trying to disassociate himself. God's Guide To The Hot Parts, the movie review ministry that fights smut by describing it in arousing detail, sent the following e-mail to its list on Thursday, the day the story broke wide:

[Ahem: emphasis mine, and I know I'm more in love with his prose than you are, so just skim the bold parts for pure, uncut LSD-666]:

The article on our website entitled SpongeBob, Barney Promote 'Gay' Tolerance has been removed due to an error in the source.

The source claimed the We Are Family Foundation home page presented the following statement :

"We Are Family is a voice of informed straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people who have chosen to love and support our relatives and friends by working to spread truth about homosexuality."

The We Are Family Foundation website does indeed promote the We Are Family children's video which is claimed to promote diversity and tolerance but their website does NOT contain the boldly homosexual statement above. Another clearly homosexual organization which also has a website named We Are Family DOES contain the statement but I will not reveal its address. It is clear the source confused the two sites.

I have no concrete evidence whether the We Are Family video indeed does promote 'gay' tolerance. All I have is the suggestion made by the producers' use of the intensely abused and misused phrase "promote diversity and tolerance" used universally by the practitioners of homosexuality. Bbut [sic] such a suggestion is NOT enough to make the a claim of promoting 'gay' tolerance. I will be happy to conduct a CAP analysis of it if anyone can get a copy of the video to me.

For those of you who informed us of the error, thank you for letting us know about it.

Please accept my apology for our error of inadequately checking sources prior to posting an article.

In Service to His Little Ones through their Parents and Grandparents in His Name by His Word
The article he "removed" is still there (scroll down), but hey.

Oh, and if "women stripping to underwear to entice teen boys" is your thing, then run-don't-walk to Coach Carter, says the Hot Parts Guy!

He's added some paragraphs to his Elektra review, but it looks like none of us will live to see the finished work:
I have got to conserve resources, especially time, and end this Summary/Commentary here, in the middle of it. I am sorry.
Jesus, Hot Parts Guy, do you need to talk to someone?

E-mail me.

Let it all out.

I mean it.

I care.

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