Wednesday, April 05, 2006




Cole Moore Odell said...

If people could let me know how these load in their browser, that would be great. They seem a little glitchy in Safari, fine in Netscape and IE. There should be over 40 of them, all taken from Kirby's Fourth World books.

I also looked at Kirby's work for Marvel in the 1960s, but the extreme eye close-ups were less prevalent then. Partially I think this is because he got more expressive on an arc that peaked in the early 1970s, and probably also because during the New Gods era he must have been cranking out 80+ pages a month to fill four books. Under that kind of pressure, designs were sure to repeat themselves.

Probably the coolest Kirby! Big!! Eyes!!!, aside from the "naked, primal fear" panel in Hunger Dogs, are Loki's soul-peircing disembodied eyes when he's magically spying on Earth from Asgard throughout Thor and in Avengers #1.

Secretary Michael Chertoff said...

You’re a good and loyal American. Please continue to live in fear. Thank you for your support.

spysmasher said...

Yes! Live in fear! That is SO funny! Terrorism is SO funny! HAHAHAHAHA! The funniest thing is when people die in horrible pain due to terrorism. Isn't that FUNNY!?!?!??! You SICK FREAK!?!?!?

Superfrankenstein said...


Now, now.