Monday, April 03, 2006

Finally, Opening Day



The Retropolitan said...

Wait, which one of these guys is the president, again?

El Duque said...


The Cubs won the World Series last year, but the mainstream media refused to report it.

Blind robin said...

What was the first pitch?

Hoosier X said...

Can I cut-and-paste Ann Coulter's book here and ask for line-by-line analysis?

(I thought it would be rude to do it without asking.)

I heard George W. Bush got a standing ovation because he threw the ball over the plate. So I guess that means we're winning in Iraq and the liberals just have to face it.

Spysmasher said...

All Americans should unite in loving baseball! Let us stop the partisan political bickering... and begin the partisan baseball bickering!

(Spysmasher-smashing tip: If you want to argue with me about baseball, attack the YANKEES!)

El Duque said...


This is a Yankee safe house. Here, we brothers and sisters interact happily, secure in knowing we will not be attacked for upholding a courageous pro-Yankee stance.

I, myself, pitched for the Yankees many years, after emigrating from Cuba.

Superfrankenstein said...


You're Yankee fan?

I knew we were on the same side!