Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Tampa Bay Devil Rays Walked 14 Yankees Last Night...

...and held them to two runs, and won.

Yes, I preach that we shouldn't judge the Yankees in April, but this is an immortal suckomplishment.


El Duque said...


First, the Red Sox in 2004. Now this.

If the "team" were to catch bird flu and die tomorrow, hideously and in great pain, it would mean nothing, NOTHING, to me. They should castrated, each of them, hideously and in great pain, so their tainted Yankee seedings can never infiltrate and betray future ballclubs.

Osama, if you're reading this blog, I have your next assignment.

El Duque said...

Riddle: Why are the Yankees like the Bush administration?

Answer to come later...

spysmasher said...

Sadly, it seems your support of the Yankees is alot like your support of America.

You LOVE them... but only at cetain times: when they are winning, when they are acclaimed, when the majority of people love them, when they are performing well.

But should they FAIL to do all of these things, even for a single day, you heap scorn and mockery on them, and disown them.

I would never heap scorn or mockery on either America or the Yankees, and I would never disown them for any reason. I suppose that's the difference between conservtives and liberals. It's a matter of respect.

That's all I have to say.

Let the infantile mockery begin....

Bad Dan said...

It is the responsibility of those that love a thing to mock that thing when it screws up so appallingly. For example, the Yankees last night. How many runners were left on base? A humiliating number, that's for sure. For me to deny that it is humiliating is simply marketing is its most disgusting form.

Similarly, I adore America, and yet I am appalled and humiliated by this administration's constant attempts to destroy that which I cherish (creating a culture which questions science in favor of faith, for example).

Calling other Americans who disagree with your positions
"unpatriotic" is juvenile... and it is the responsibility of all Americans to point that out, even if it means disagreeing publically with someone in your party.

If your political party makes you proud on Monday, and upsets you on Tuesday, then on Tuesday it is your responsibility to heap scorn on them. Otherwise, you're just marketing.

spysmasher said...

"It is the responsibility of those that love a thing to mock that thing when it screws up so appallingly."


Ridiculous. If that's what friends do, then what do enemies do? Support is support, period. When people screw up, it is certainly NOT a friend's responsibility to "mock" them. It is their responsibility to SUPPORT them when they need it most.

I would not want to be one of your "friends" -- if was in a jam, I would not call you. You'd think it's your "responsibility" not to help me, but to mock me!

Blind Robin said...

Yankees = evil
A-Rod = Satan

Superfrankenstein said...

You'd think it's your "responsibility" not to help me, but to mock me!

spysmasher, it's everyone's responsibility to mock you.

Superfrankenstein said...

duque, I'll bite! Why are the Yankees like the Bush administration?

spysmasher said...

"Whenever he is challenged, the idea-free Superfrankenstein evades all issues, and instead makes lame jokes or sarcastic remarks."

El Duque said...

Why are the Yankees like the Bush Administration?

They both fell apart after Paul O'Neill retired.

spysmasher said...

Why is el duque not funny?

He makes lame jokes.