Friday, April 21, 2006



popculturezod said...

This is one of those great "caption it" photos. Tough telling if Bush is shitting his pants or he just smelled something really foul.

Blind Robin said...

The "decider" deciding decisions. Apparently it involves a lot of pain.

spysmasher said...

Where are all the funny pictures of Bin Laden?

(Oh, right, I forgot. You're on Bin Laden's side. Never mind.)

Blind Robin said...

This house is a home once again!

Jim Chadwick said...

Spysmasher. There aren't any new bin laden pictures available, funny or otherwise. That's because in almost five years time, SOMEONE (and I'm not naming names) has yet to find him.

spysmasher said...

Mr. Chadwick, I see from your comment that you, too, tend to take Bin Laden's side. In case you forgot, SOMEONE has also prevented our country from being attacked again since 9/11. (But of course, you'll say THAT had nothing to do with SOMEONE. Liberals!)

Horrible Paul said...

Who needs Bin Laden? Wisconsin kid's favorite SOMEONE has been doing all the damage to America these last 5 years.

spysmasher said...

What damage?

The economy is booming, unemployment is at record lows, and we have not been attacked since 9/11.

What damage?

You mean the damage you liberals try to invent on a daily basis, only to fail when election time rolls around?

THAT damage?

Hoosier X said...

Why would bin Laden attack US soil again?

His allies in the Bush Administration have already done exactly what bin Laden wanted.

Anonymous said...

hey spymasher Bush is on bin Laden's side - or his payroll

spysmasher said...

"What damage?"

george w. alfred e. ne W Bush said...

"What me worry?"

Everyone else knows Bush is a disaster.

Anonymous said...

spysmasher said...

"The economy is booming, unemployment is at record lows, and we have not been attacked since 9/11."

Booming? That must be Exxon-Mobil profits booming. When you get old enough to drive you'll understand pain at the pump.

Unemployment is NOT at record lows. It was lower 6 years ago!

We were attacked in Iraq today. Or don't you consider the troops "us?"

Jonathan Miller said...

Honestly, anyone who makes the argument that simply disliking President Bush or disagreeing with and criticising his policies puts one "on Bin Laden's side" is either ridiculously simpleminded, a troll or someone who takes the decidedly unpatriotic view that dissent is somehow "un-American." If the last describes "spysmasher," my only response is sorry that he/she is unable to understand what being a true American is. If the first is true (which I can't discount, given many of his/her comments), then my sympathies go out to his/her family.

With your reactionary attitudes and complete lack of humor, sir or madam, you help destroy the American way of life and, in essence, help the terrorists win.

And I'm not afraid to sign my name.

spysmasher said...

Honestly, anyone who makes the argument that anyone sticking up for Bush mst be either ridiculously simpleminded or a troll -- is a moron.

If the last describes "jonathan miller," my only response is sorry that he/she is unable to understand what being a true American is. If the first is true (which I can't discount, given many of his/her comments), then my sympathies go out to his/her family.

Jonathan Miller said...

But spysmasher, you didn't simply "stick up for Bush." You actually equated criticism of him (even satirical criticism) with support of Osama Bin Laden, a position that makes no logical or rhetorical sense. This, however, has definitely been in line with most of your attempts at "discussion," which basically extend to "you're making fun of Bush, therefore you must be evil," which, again, makes no logical sense. Political dissent, especially in controversial times, is a grand American tradition, even, one might argue, part of the core values of our country. By attempting to shut down dissent, as many who have used the very arguments and insults you utilise have attempted to do over the past five or so years, you strike at the very core of what makes America great--our open political discourse and our right to make fun of our leaders and politicians. (Why do you think, even at as early a date in the history of our country as it was, the Sedition Act was seen as an assault on American liberty?) By your very actions, sir or madam, you strike at the very core of the American way of life. And thus, as I said, allow the terrorists to help destroy that way of life.

And, sir or madam, anyone who comes onto a message board simply to make comments that will result in inflamatory responses (whether for his/her amusement or no) is the textbook definition of "internet troll." My mention of simple-mindedness (as to your logic) was simply an attempt to give you the benefit of the doubt.

Jonathan Miller is my real name; I have absolutely no fear of you knowing it. I don't choose to hide behind a pseudonym to post my beliefs. I don't have to, as I am an American.

Jim Chadwick said...

Trying to figure out the Spysmasher logic in his response to my comment.

I hate Bin Laden.
I'm mad that in five and a half years, Bush has not been able to bring him to justice.
Therefore, I support bin laden.

?? Am I missing something here?

Oh, that's right. If you criticize the President, you are anti-American and support our enemies.

Typical reactionary.

If our founding fathers had had this goose-stepping, blind loyalty to authority, we'd still be a British colony. America was founded by a generation of contentious intellectuals who challenged imperial rule and whose legacy compels us to always question the stewardship of the nation.

It is not un-American to criticize or even mock the President. There is nothing more pro-American than criticizing our leaders when we believe they are doing a poor job. (You guys had no problem with this when the President's name was Clinton or Carter.) We can disagree over the quality of the job we think any President is doing. But to brand those who use this sacred trust as un-American? Your notion of what this nation was built upon is nothing more than mere tribalism. You love America as a geographical location you happen to have been born in, not as the ideological concept that makes it worth standing up for.

spysmasher said...

So you LOVE LOVE LOVE this country, and you LOVE LOVE LOVE to criticize Bush... it's American! It's patriotic! It's wonderful!

But somehow, by some amazing coincidence -- the evil bastards on the other constantly escape your criticisms. One would think beheaders would be a focus of your criticisms... but no. Not a word against them.

You claim you "hate Bin Laden," yet there's no evidence of that. At least not on this site.

But Bush hating? It's ALL there is here.

If a Martian read this site, it's clear he would believe you were all on the other side. Poster after poster hates Bush and mocks him... but all in the name of "patriotism" of course.

And by the way, if the same Martian blew up your house... you'd stand on the lawn screaming BUSH SUCKS! Sorry if my yelling is disturbing you, Mr. Martian.