Monday, April 10, 2006

One Of Us


Comic books are displayed at U.S. President George W. Bush 's bedroom in his restored childhood home in Midland, Texas, April 10, 2006. First Lady Laura Bush and former U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush will officially dedicate the facility April 11. Bush lived in the house from 1952-1955. REUTERS/Jeff Mitchell


El Duque said...


He should have been reading Playboy like a normal kid.

Sleestak said...

Not enough pictures in Playboy

N. J. Pozner said...

If he's one of us, can we throw him out of the club?

spysmasher said...

Great picture! You tried to be nice, but the comments speak for themselves. Such a hateful bunch!

Superfrankenstein said...

spysmasher, whatever my political differences with this President, if he's into comics he's on my team.

It's just like you, me, el duque and the Yankees. We have an undeniable bond that runs pinstripe-deep.

I would love to get up at one of those open, uncensored town meetings and ask for Mr. Bush's ideal Avengers line-up.

He'd like Captain America, of course.

And he'd love Iron Man, because Tony Stark is a war contractor.

But I bet he'd hate Thor, unless the Son Of Odin gave his life over to the Son Of God.

And I don't see Thor doing that.

El Duque said...


If Thor didn't come over to the one true church, Bush would have leaked his secret identity to Lois Lane.

Blind Robin said...

Looks like a good start for the GWB Presidential library.

Ginger Mayerson said...

Oh my God, the President (so-called) is a 13 year-ol fanboy. Man, we are in even more trouble than I thought.