Thursday, April 27, 2006

Why Are The Yankees Like The Bush Administration?

Answer here.


spysmasher said...

Exactly how have things "fallen apart"?

We have a booming economy, no one has contested that. Ignored it yes, but not contested it.

As for Iraq...

Here's video of an Iraq war vet explaining that morale in Iraq is very high, and that because of this his men are reenlisting.

(Of course, he's a deluded tool of Bush the idiot, and you liberals who have never even been to the country know much better than he does. THAT goes without saying.)

El Duque said...


Has America won the World Series lately? We're deep into extra innings against Iraq and Afghanistan.

I think it's time to fire the manager, don't you, Superfrankenstein?

Superfrankenstein said...

I don't follow America anymore. It's all about money now. Bunch of millionaires worried about their individual numbers.

spysmasher said...

"Whenever he is challenged, the idea-free Superfrankenstein evades all issues, and instead makes lame jo"Whenever he is challenged, the idea-free Superfrankenstein evades all issues, and instead makes lame jokes or sarcastic remarks." kes or sarcastic remarks."

spysmasher said...

El duque wrote: Has America won the World Series lately?

Answer: Yes!

The American economy is booming, and it is driving the economy of the entire world! The economy created 211,000 jobs in March and has created about 2.1 million jobs over the past 12 months. The unemployment rate is 4.7 percent - lower than the average of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Shouldn't you stop hating the man in charge of this economy?

(Oh right, I forgot. If the economy goes BAD, then Bush is DIRECTLY responsible. But if it's BOOMING, as it is now, Bush had absolutely NOTHING to do with it, and what an idiot anyone would be to suggest otherwise!)

El Duque said...


Don't ever change.

Horrible Paul said...

Gotcha. The economy is booming and Bush is da shits. OK, you've convinced us. Thanks. Now go sell it to the 68% of Americans who apparently haven't gotten the good news yet. Hurry up, that number is, er, "booming".

spysmasher said...

You're right, everyone hates Bush.

Just ask President Kerry!

Horrible Paul said...

Kerry? Kerry... Kerry... You mean the guy who got more votes than Ronald Reagan? The guy Bush's paperless voting machines beat by the smallest majority in the entire history of Presidential elections? That Kerry?

spysmasher said...

No -- I mean the Kerry that LOST THE ELECTION.

Reality, anyone?

Jim Chadwick said...

Spysmasher: Presidents traditionally get more credit for good economies and more blame for bad economies than they usually deserve in either case. (For the record, I believe Clinton got way more credit for the booming economy during his presidency than he deserved.) How they respond in crisis is the real test. And frankly, our current "economic boom" is a house of cards built on record consumer debt, an out of control federal deficit and an astromonical trade imbalance. I wonder,for example, what will happen if China comes collecting the bill somewhere down the road and we don't have it? The only way we're "driving the world economy" is by owing money to just about every other trading partner and shipping all of our future employment opportunities overseas. Meanwhile, escalating gas prices are about to have a terrible ripple effect on our own economy. Think about it; our "boom" has been the result of consumer spending. When consumers start spending all of their money on multiple mortgages and gas for their cars and fuel for their homes, other consumer spending will drastically slow down, layoffs will happen, and a bubble that has been built on debt that no one will then be able to pay off will bring down banks, finanical institutions and businesses. This will not be Bush's fault; but I have little faith in the ability of a man who has never known a day of personal hardship, who has joked about his constituency being the "haves and the have mores" to respond to the storm that is coming. No to mention his reckless willingness to spend us into oblivion with no regard for future generations. And no, I don't wish this on America, but I do wish SOMEONE in a leadership role was getting the life jackets ready. If you have faith in this "economic boom" continuing, then you have the foresight of a lemming and your notion of a sustainable economic boom is the equivalent to that of a drunken sailor with pocketful of cash and at liberty on shore leave.
Of course this is a theoretical arguement that neither of us can win. But come see me a couple of years from now when I think Mr. Bush will be viewed as both the next Herbert Hoover on the economy and the next Lyndon Johnson for bogging us down in an unwinnable war.

spysmasher said...

Jim Chadwick wrote: "Come see me a couple of years from now when I think Mr. Bush will be viewed as both the next Herbert Hoover on the economy."

You mean that RECORD housing starts, a BOOMING growth rate, and the DOW setting a new ALL TIME record will somehow be view as a bad things?

Keep searching! Eventually, you're sure to find SOME small bad part of the economy to blame on Bush.

Jim Chadwick wrote: "Mr. Bush will be viewed as ... the next Lyndon Johnson for bogging us down in an unwinnable war."

American deaths are decreasing every month, the Iraqi economy is coming back strong, the Iraqi real estate market is booming, they've just finalized the new government, and we just turned over much of the country to the Iraqis.

What a failure! Just like Vietnam! Not.

(But keep rooting for us to lose, and seeing ALL wars as Vietnam. It's what you "PATRIOTIC" liberals do best.)