Friday, April 21, 2006

Creature Feature

thecreatureIf I were in Syracuse, I'd go to this:

What: Three Legs Limited presents : "Revival" a one night art and music event featuring new and previously shown art by Elliott Mattice.

Where: Clark's Ale House mezzanine, 122 W. Jefferson Street, Landmark Block, downtown Syracuse

When: Saturday, April 22, 2006 noon til midnight. show up after dark for best effect.Free admission.

Artist Elliott Mattice shows previously unseen work, along with various paintings included in the show are images recently licensed by California's Vintagearthouse for sale to the public as reproduction prints.

Mattice shows his pop meets retro paintings, that utilize hot rod, pinup, pulp influence, vintage cartoon and sideshow imagery. His work was shown in Museum Of Design Atlanta's "Graphic Noise" show last July and was included in the book "Art Of Modern Rock" by Paul Grushkin. He has done work for actress Mamie VanDoren, Marky Ramone,local faves Dinosaur BBQ, the new mural at Doug's Fish Fry in Skaneateles as well as many other clients worldwide.

(for more info on the artist go to}

The night includes drink specials, live music, giveaways and surprises.


mary matalin gisher said...

oooooohhhhh..., you've found one of my weaknesses. the creature from the black lagoon is one of my all time favorite characters. i use to have the famous monster model kit and several posters. ooooohhhhh... (said while wiping the drool off my chin)

Rab Hines said...

Cool site!
Marky Ramone mentioned?
I bought my first car - a purple VW bus - from his Mom. A beautiful woman.

Looks like a good site to spend time with.

Superfrankenstein said...

Thanks, glaikit! It means a lot, coming from you.

Hoosier X said...

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Oh! That's not Cheney! Sorry. Carry on.

(I'm not really an outraged conservative, and I guess I gave it away by apologizing for my mistake instead of following standard conservative practice of dismissing my error, coming up with a lame rationaliztion that makes me right despite the lack of truth in my statement, and then changing the subject. So why do liberals hate Jesus?)