Tuesday, April 25, 2006

O'Reilly: "Syr-Accuse!"


From last night's O'Reilly Factor:
The man on the left passed away in 2002.

Here's the Post Standard editorial that pissed The Falafelophile off. (Thanks, redlami.)

"I was smeared not once, but twice." The second smear.

They watch FOX so we don't have to.


Jersey Shore said...

From the newspaper story:

O'Reilly said the current situation in Iraq is a "real mess," although he said it wasn't the fault of the United States. "We have to depend on Iraqis," he said. "Some of them want freedom. Some of them don't."

Um. I thought the whole country wanted freedom - at least that's what the Neo-cons (including Bushie) assured us.

Hmmm! What was that phrase the conservatives threw around during the last election?

"Flip-flop." That was it.


Superfrankenstein said...

The idea of imposing "freedom" on people who "don't want" "freedom" is delicious. Why didn't we think of this before?

El Duque said...


The article you linked, libelous and malicious as it may be, is not the offending bullet that enraged cable television's Diva of Decency.

No, he became livid over a "humor" question posed in an editorial news "quiz." One of the multiple choice "answers" mentioned O'Reilly's out-of-court multi-million dollar sexual harrassment settlement to his former assistant producer.

Young enough to be his daughter, she's the gold-digging tramp that O'Reilly phoned repeatedly late at night, allegedly cooing into the receiver, "You have spectacular breasts."

Unfortunately, more people recall O'Reilly's mistated attempt at free-form phone seduction. While painting a poetic word picture of himself methodically rubbing the heartless vixen's lithe, smooth, muscular shoulders in a hot shower, O'Reilly mistakenly imagined himself using a falfafel, the always-popular Middle Eastern lunch entree.

The paper's reference sickened O'Reilly, as it would any top-rated TV personality.

After he did the honorable thing -- declaring jihad on national TV -- they had the audacity to re-print the hellish quiz "answer," claiming it was in response to calls from readers who wondered what the fuss was all about.

The communists at the paper so love controversy that they promote it as "America's Most Colorful Newspaper." Well, they'll need all that color if they plan to print a picture of the new broken capillaries in O'Reilly's nose -- which they caused!

spysmasher said...

It's funny. You recently called "fucking stupid," yet I'm the only one who reads this site who is intelligent enough to be amused by your headline for this article:


Emile Zola would be so proud!

(Guess your other fans are even DUMBER than me. Maybe even dumber than Bush, the dumbest man who ever lived to accidently create a safe country enjoying an economic boom!)

Superfrankenstein said...

Thanks for liking the headline, spysmashy--but if you think you're the only one who got the joke, you must be fucking stupid.

Horrible Paul said...

Spy IS fucking stupid. He thinks he's living in a "safe country enjoying an economic boom".


Anonymous said...

Yes, I am stupid enough to love this country, and I have the ability to understand economic data. What a fool I am! One day, I will reach the heights YOU are at -- a place where the ONLY reality is: BUSH SUCKS.

Hoosier X said...

Yes, Anonymous, you truly are a genius. Thankfully, the people who continue to worship this president are geniuses just like you!

(By the way, just between you and me, I heard that it's possible to love your country, even if you disagree with its leadership. Is this true all the time, or only when a Democrat is president?)

spysmasher said...

I never said YOU didn't love your country.

Guilty conscience?

redlami said...

In case you still need the link...

According to MediaMatters, it was this editorial that got O'Reilly's knickers in a twist.

Oh, and I have many fond memories of Sideshow!

spysmasher said...

More "bad news" about America's "horrible economy" under Bush:

New Home Sales Hit 13 Year High

The government reported new homes sold at an annual rate of 1.21 million homes in March, up 13.8 percent from a revised 1.07 million pace in February. That easily topped forecasts for a 1.1 million pace from economists surveyed by Briefing.com.

The jump, the biggest since a 16 percent rise in April 1993, came even as mortgage rates hit an average 6.32 percent last month for 30-year fixed-rate loans, according to Freddie Mac, up from 6.25 percent in February.

True Patriot said...

The Post Standard deserves everything they get for the vicious attack on Bill O'Reilly. Mr O'Reilly had it VERY CLEAR that he did not want this matter to be discussed by anyone at anytime. The Post Standard had the unmitigated gall to disobey his edict and must now pay the price. Since the average Bill O'Reilly viewer is between 65 and 80 years old, a key demographic, the Syracuse area merchants who advertise in the Post Standard can now say goodbye to the massive amount of business they do with elderly tourists from Alabama, Idaho and Oklahoma. This should teach them!!!
Additionally, I feel that this whole matter about Mr. O'Reilly's supposed harassment has been overblown. Ask yourself this question. How many middle aged men do you know who HAVEN'T called up a female employee for a little erotic chat, while masturbating and sticking a vibrator up their...well, you know. I am sure that as a God and America hating liberal, you are unaware of the fact that this is a very common practice among Conservative Christian patriots who live in this great country's Heartland.
In closing, I must remind you that Bill O'Reilly has told everyone repeatedly that they may not discuss this matter - perhaps you overlooked the memo. I would suggest that you remove all the O'Reilly bashing content from your so-called website or "one day you're going to get a knock on your door and life as you've known it will change forever."
God bless America, Bill O'Reilly, the troops, Jesus and George W. Bush.

Hoosier X said...

Hey, Spice,

Where did I say that you ever said that I don't love my country?