Monday, April 10, 2006

"When I Hug Myself Like This, I Feel Popular Enough To Bomb Iran."



llwmb said...


Is the prospect of a nuclear Iran a joke to you too?

Apparently, getting shingles has made your aware of the existance of human suffering.

One day, it will shock you to learns that OTHERS in this world can actually suffer too, and then possibly realize how little humor is to be found in their pain.

Iran with a nuke is a very serious matter indeed.

Not serious enough to make you abandon your obsessive anti-Bush crusade, of course -- but still quite serious.

Superfrankenstein said...

Is that you, spysmasher?

So you seem to feel we should believe Bush's rationale for the next war.

Let me know how that goes.

Sleestak said...

Shave the heads of your children today, deprive a boot camp barber of his livlihood tomorrow!

Wave bye bye to the kids...the New, Improved Military Draft is on the horizon!

(Rich kids not eligible)

Jersey Shore said...

"Is the prospect of a nuclear Iran a joke to you too?"

Yes. It's pretty funny! Bush is a weird kind of comedian. He tells you the punchline, AND THEN sets up the joke.

You know, he's like "Carnack the Magnificent", touching the envelope to his forehead and saying, "Weapons of Mass destruction, mushroom cloud, and 9/11."

Then he opens the envelope, blows into it, and Dick Cheney (a la Ed McMahan) says, "And the question is . . ."

The Great Bushack then says, "Name: 1. something Iraq doesn't have; 2. a very tasty soup, and; 3. my math/verbal SAT scores."

rev. billy bob gisher ©2005 said...

the part where your skin drops off of you like cheap wallpaper, are the part rear children come out with three eyes and 15 legs, that's the humorous part.

Sleestak said...

That should be:

"3. My countin' and verbaliage big boy school score. Heh...I said 'score'."

spysmahser said...

As I said, the suffering of others is funny to many posters here. I think responses to my posts prove that quite well. I'm sure that when and if terrorism should strike you all personally -- God forbid -- that you will all enjoy a good and hearty laugh. You sick freaks.

Cole Moore Odell said...

And people say liberals have no sense of humor.

Stop cowering behind imagined victims of imagined catastrophes, Spysmasher, and defend your hero's lies and reckless imperial adventurism on their own terms.

Your position, shared by so many Bushbots, is what FDR once characterized as "fear itself."

Again, the irony of being castigated by a Bushbot for lack of concern about nukes--given that the Bush team is insisting on a war plan that includes nuclear strikes aginst Iran against the strenuous objections of the Joint Chiefs, and that this administration has basically ignored security concerns over Cold War-era soviet nukes--is enough to make me projectile vomit in your specific direction.

Spysmasher said...

"imagined victims of imagined catastrophes."


I am a New Yorker who was in New York on 9/11.

I assure you, the catastrophes that concern me are FAR from imaginary.

As I said, apparently terrorism will have to strike you PERSONALLY before you view it as something other than a big fun joke.

Cole Moore Odell said...

9/11! 9/11! 9/11!

And here I thought you were talking about the future suffering of innocents killed by Iranian A-bombs.

If you're that concerned, why on earth would you support Bush? Because his speechwriters have him talk tough in a way that makes you feel tough too, like America is riding in a big SUV with cup-holders far above the dirty hatchbacks? Because he has the prettiest unattainable fantasies, filled with flowers, candy and totally destroyed enemies?

What has the Bush administration done to make you feel that another 9/11 is less likely? Iraq is now a terrorist factory, international law is undermined, other countries are asserting their "rights" to wage pre-emptive war and torture prisoners, domestic security is an underfunded, underplanned mess. What the hell do you look to that inspires you with confidence? Spysmasher, *it's all talk,* designed for nothing else but winning elections by at least one point. They don't know and don't care a whit about actually doing their jobs.

While you're at it, you might as well ask for a pony.

Maybe you should stick to reposting articles, Spy. Even Ann Coulter's syphilitic fever dreams are better-reasoned than your weak shit.

Superfrankenstein said...

"I am a New Yorker who was in New York on 9/11."


Yeah, and I was the fuckin' fifth Beatle.

Decorating your made-up anonymous identity with the blood of 9/11 martyrs--that's your cheapest move yet, spysmasher.

Hoosier X said...

"I am a New Yorker who was in New York on 9/11."

Funny how New York City, and every other coastal area most likely to be a target of terrorism, voted overwhelmingly for Kerry.

They must know something you don't.

Spysmasher said...

Listen here Mr. Superfrankenstein... I am a New Yorker, and I was in NY on 9/11 and that IS a fact. I was not in or even really near the Trade Center, I was about 30 miles away. Still, I could see the smoke with my own eyes. I knew people who died in the attack, which destroyed many more buildings than just the Trade Center and its complex. Dear friends of mine were very near to this nightmare scene. A horrible paul was cast over the entire state for weeks and months afterward. It may be easy for those who were far away to forget, but I will never forget. May God strike me dead in my tracks if this is not all 100% true.

Superfrankenstein said...

I don't believe you.

rocketman said...

"A horrible paul was cast over the entire state for weeks and months afterward".

Yikes! The man is not only a mythomaniac, he's downright illiterate.

Jersey Shore said...

"At 4/10/2006 8:05 AM, Sleestak said...
That should be:

'3. My countin' and verbaliage big boy school score. Heh...I said 'score'.'"

I stand corrected.

By the way, Bush has hired Count Floyd to explain to the U.N. how much of a theat Iran is to the world. "It's real scarey, boys and girls! Real scarey!"

spysmasher said...


Superfrankenstein, I am saddened that you don't believe me. Why in the world would I lie about that? Listen here, you, I am a New Yorker, born and bred. Do you think I developed this attitude in Iowa or something? If you don't want to believe me, I suppose nothing will make you, but what I said WAS true.

If what I said was NOT true, then let my entire comic collection burst into flames and take my house with it. If what I said was NOT true, then let all my loved ones perish in horrible agony. If what I said was not true, then please God, I beg you, STRIKE ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS!

spysmasher said...

By the way, you all have my deepest apologies for my spelling "pall" incorrectly in an earlier post. It's sad how this error was seized upon and used as a justification to call me "downright illiterate." The level of discourse on this site is almost childish.

Superfrankenstein said...

Hey, "Brooklyn." When God strikes you dead, can I have your DC Archives?

Seriously, yout syntax tells me... hang on... I''m good at this... Central Wisconsin. Born and bred, never left.


God is not GOING to strike me dead, as I am telling the truth. I was not in Brooklyn, by the way, which is right across the water from the (former site of the) Trade Center. As I said, I was about 30 miles away. Have you never been to New York?

And if, as you said, my syntax tells you "Central Wisconsin, Born and bred, never left," then you need to quit your job as a carnival fortune teller. I have never even BEEN to Wisconsin!

Since it seems you've never been to NY, how can I convince you I am a New Yorker? Well, I can think of one way...

If you don't think I'm a New Yorker...


Superfrankenstein said...

spysmasher, or "White Plains," or whatever your real nickname is,

I don't care if you lie about where you're from. Hey, if it feels good, do it! But leave the 9/11 dead out of it. I can't believe you'd exploit their memories for a cheap ""zinger."

spysmasher said...

I am not exploiting anyone. I simply stated facts. It's you who are dragging this out by not believing me. Here's why...

You liberals wish 9/11 would just go away and never be spoken of again, because when it is brought up it reminds people of how horrible terrorism is, and you liberals are pro-terrorist.

When the terrorists behead people, we hear deafening silence from liberals. But when Bush tries to tap the international phonecalls of terrorists, liberals squeal like stuck pigs for months on end.

It's clear where you sympathies lie. Your motto: If it takes a "win" for the terrorists to bring down Bush, well, then so be it.

By the way, genius, White Plains is way too far. Keep trying and one day you may get it. What part of 30 MILES AWAY do you not understand?!??!

spysmasher said...

And by the way, I forgot to add that THIS ENTIRE SITE is all ABOUT "exploiting for a cheap zinger," so spare me the lectures. They are as laughable as they are hypocritical. (Or are you foolish enough to think your constant wallowing in the photographic mockery of others is somehow tasteful and insightful? It isn't.)

Superfrankenstein said...

On Wisconsin!

Hoosier X said...

Did Spice-Masher just call us pro-terrorist?

Uh, yup. And elsewhere he calls us "hateful." An entity who has no qualms about quoting Ann "Associate Justice Stevens should be poisoned" Coulter is calling us hateful.

And also calling us pro-terrorist.

You have to keep telling yourself the liberals are the hateful ones. Because if you used your own eyes and ears instead of getting your information from Fox News, you might think otherwise.

Lone Conservative Voice Man said...

Hey, spysmasher might have been 30 miles away, but I was actually struck by a small piece of debris from Flight 175 as I was mocking a snivelling liberal just blocks away from the impact. Let me tell ya, it still stings--but not as much as the sting we put into that son of a bitch who was responsible, Saddam Hussein!

Horrible Paul said...

News bulletin:


Police in Gein, Wisconsin, report that a local man identified as S. Smasher has been taken into “protective custody” following a series of unexplained events which saw his home destroyed and all his so-called “loved ones” (an elderly aunt, a retarded cousin and what appears to have been a dog) horribly killed.

The events began late Monday evening when Mr. Smasher’s prized collection of Archie Digest comics suddenly burst into flames. “Looks like a case of spontaneous combustion,” detective Kane Richmond said. The fire quickly spread out of control and completely destroyed Mr. Smasher’s trailer home. The fire also scorched the underside of the railroad bridge where the trailer was illegally parked.

In a bizarre, apparently related event, Mr. Smasher’s aunt was pummeled to death by a freak hailstorm. “The stones were the size of oranges,” detective Richmond said. Simultaneously, a cousin of Mr. Smasher's identified as “a banjo player” was nibbled to death by locusts. Police have also found the remains of a small animal, possibly a pet dog or perhaps a skunk, that was smothered to death under a pile of frogs. County coroner William Witney said, “It’s an ongoing investigation, but we have already determined that the victims all died slowly and suffered horrible agony. It’s all very biblical, if you ask me.”

Upon being taken into custody, Mr. Smasher was reportedly screaming, “GOD, I BEG YOU, STRIKE ME DEAD IN MY TRACKS!” and claimed to have been “a witness to the 9/11 attacks”. Detective Richmond said, “I don’t know what to make of that, but he’s also claimed to have been at the Alamo, Pearl Harbor, and aboard the Challenger when it exploded.”

Pending the outcome of the investigation into this week’s events, Mr. Smasher, whose occupation is listed as “Internet Troll”, will undergo psychological evaluation.

spysmasher said...

I think these comments show quite clearly that at this site, terrorism is treated as a joke and a farce.

This is exactly why you liberals are viewed as being pro-terrorist.

Hey SF, where's your complaints that people are mocking and exploiting the victims of 9/11 for a cheap shot? Oh right, that only applies to me. Somehow, when conservates mention 9/11 it's exploitation, but when liberals do it, it's above question.

Of course, there's no hypocrisy there, though. Yeah, right.

Hoosier X said...


Do you go to Free Republic or LGF or Red State or any of the other myriad conservative hate speech sites and screech at them for being hateful and going over the line and blah blah blah?

Maybe you do. They ban anybody who disagrees with them - if they allow comments at all - so maybe you did that and you got banned. So, that's why I'm asking.

Is that why you come here? Because liberals allow you to express yourself and aren't the least bit threatened by your droning conservative talking point routine? Isn't it nice to have a place to vent?

Anyway, Mr. Consistency, let us know all about your adventures on conservative sites, admonishing your own about the civility of their tone, and the divisive nature of their banter. And how you always get banned! (Poor little Spice-Masher!)

I'm sure it's a heroic epic of dynamic proportions!

Let it all out! And, remember. HERE, you're free to say what you want.

We're there for ya, buddy!

Glad to help!

spysmasher said...


Dear Hoser X-

If I'm so unwelcome here, how come my name and picture are prominently displayed on the upper right hand corner of this site?

Blind Robin said...

Smasher try this:Go to Mapquest and enter the following zip codes: 10286 and 10601 both are in NY. Get the results for quickest time and for shortest route and then average the two distance figures returned.

spysmasher said...

BlindRobin try this: Make sense, be entertaining, amuse people.

Hoosier X said...

"Dear Hoser X-

If I'm so unwelcome here, how come my name and picture are prominently displayed on the upper right hand corner of this site?"

I never said you weren't welcome. Ever. Could you please respond to something I said instead of bringing in all these straw man arguments? Just once?

I love having a delusional conservative here who never lacks for lame rationalizations and double standards and other dishonest tactics in pursuing his agenda. I figure if conservatives had any REAL arguments, they would use them at SOME point.

And if, as I surmise, you are a very elaborate prankster, then I have been a part of the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the blogosphere. It's win-win either way!

You go, girl!

Blind Robin said...

What part about thirty miles don't you understand?

spysmasher said...

"the greatest hoax ever perpetuated on the blogosphere."


Superfrankenstein said...

That's right. I invented liberalism in 2004 to rig the election and confuse bloggers.

spysmasher said...

It didn't work.

Superfrankenstein said...

I don't know. Bloggers seem pretty confused, and the election was rigged...

spysmasher said...

The election was rigged? I'm sure if Kerry had won, you'd be out protesting in the streets, right? Oh no, wait, then it would have been the "correct" result, so that would be OK, even if it was rigged.

I get it now! When Republicans win (which in Presidential politics is almost every time) then it's rigged, when Democrats win, then it's totally fair and don't you DARE you question it.

Of course, Bill Clinton never even got a majority, so his term was illegal, right? Ooops, got my parties mixed up again. I'll try to remember... Republicans evil, Democrats good! No matter WHAT they do or believe! Even former Klansmen are PERFECT.... IF they're currently Democrats.