Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Are Explicit Lyrics Making Your Child Obese? We'll Tell You At 11.

From Falluja and the Disappearing Media, over at ZNet:

The role of the media in the siege of Falluja has been nearly as extraordinary as the battle itself. The siege began on November 8, but by Nov. 15 the military had declared “victory” and the story disappeared from all the major media. It was as if the Pentagon had simply issued an edict forbidding any further coverage of the conflict, and the press left without protest.

The fact is, the siege is ongoing and the final results are far from certain. A city of 250,000 has been evacuated; as many as 20,000 American servicemen have been engaged in the operation with “the largest concentration of heavy armor in one place, since the fall of Berlin”. The military is proceeding with house-to-house searches and bombing raids are still being conducted on a regular basis. The siege of Falluja continues to be a huge story, despite the fact that the establishment media is nowhere to be found.

There's actually touching news, the kind local stations love when it doesn't come from war critics:
Families of US troops killed in the offensive on the Iraqi city of Fallujah are to travel to Jordan next week with $600 000 worth of humanitarian aid for refugees[...]

"This delegation is a way for me to express my sympathy and support for the Iraqi people," said Rosa Suarez of Escondido in California.
Now, I know your Eyewitness News team is busy covering a horrible disaster we didn't cause, but that doesn't account for November 15th to last Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Super Frank

Why are you ignoring the fact that in 2029 an asteroid is going to destroy us, so nothing matters?

Wake up, buddy boy. We don't have much time.

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Ah, but will the asteroid DESTROY US... or give us SUPER-POWERS?