Friday, December 10, 2004

Proud Of Waid

From today's Entertainment Weekly.

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El Duque said...


Oh, great, woopie. A new origin theory for Superman. How many origin theories do we need for Superman, Superfrankenstein? And that's all they are, buddyboy: cheap, unproven theories. This punk, Wade, can trowel his dogma any way he wants about the design of a costume fitted so tight that everybody gets the dimples in a butt crack, but it's all his cheap, unproven theory.

You want to know how Superman began, Superfrankenstein? I'll tell you how Superman began, Superfrankenstein: He began the same way Supergirl began. He began the same way Super Archie began. It happened on the sixth day, and it's chronicled in a certain big black Super Book. And there's nothing in there by some punk-ass dogma (which is am God, spelled backward; do I make my point?) named Wade.