Friday, December 31, 2004

Only A Day Away

Author/Bon Vivant Stuart Moore writes:

I was just avoiding work by looking at old comics when I came across this little gem, bound into the January 1982 issue of The NEW! Teen Titans. First thing January 1st, I'm going right over to Atari Technical And Research Institute (ATARI) and sign up. I'm not about to let the Malaglon Vanguard [sic] take over any more shit in THIS galaxy!

But maybe your best won't be good enough, Stuart!

By the way, I really love that the A in ATARI stands for Atari.


Superfrankenstein said...

By the way, from now on I'm no longer SUPERFRANKENSTEIN. I'm SUPERFRANKENSTEIN 2005.

Superfrankenstein said...

...Because it's the Atari thing to do.

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