Friday, December 03, 2004


The papers say the Yankees are trying to dump Giambi's sorry testosterone-sweetened buttocks. A walk-off grand slam he hit against the Twins on May 17, 2002, was considered, at the time, his baptism as a Yankee. Now we'll remember it as the only thing he ever did. His list of triumphs at hits a brick wall when he moves to New York. The grand slam, the 2002 Home Run Derby win (like that matters at all), a homer against the Angels in the doomed 2002 ALCS, and nothing. Mediocrity is one thing; mediocrity on steroids is freaky!

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El Duque said...

The Damnbino?

Jakin' Giambi?

Jason Lie-ambi?

Jason Gee-I'm-big-now?