Thursday, December 09, 2004

Murder In The Air

Pleasure at awesome Daily News front cover at right supplanted by horror of Columbus, OH killing spree.

Crime stories never get much of a rise out of me. My civic anger is for respectable people who do mostly legal things, like invade countries and close factories. But this...

Listen, world. Here comes a moral pronouncement. Don't murder musicians, especially while they're playing, and don't murder music lovers in the act of bobbing their heads up and down to a beat. It upsets me that you need to be told.

I'm now morbidly curious about the music of Damageplan. Isn't that sick?


El Duque said...


You want to know what's the story about Damageplan? I'll tell you what's the story about Damageplan: It's these kids nowadays, with their porno tattoos and their electric scooters. They do not love life, as you do, Superfrankenstein.

You want to know what happened with Damageplan? I'll tell you what happened with Damageplan. They planned damage and got the damage they planned. From here on, I guess you'd say they should call themselves "Limp Cazkit." (Ha ha.) I do not mean to "joke" about dead people. But know this: These people are not up in heaven right now with Elvis and Chad, (Chad and Jeremey). They're playing in the underworld with Liberace.

Superfrankenstein said...

El Duque,

When you die, you will meet five people in heaven.

Some of them you will know, others will be strangers.

One by one, they will revisit their connections to you on earth and illuminate the mysteries of your life.

Two of them are in Damageplan.


Superfrankenstein said...

I forgot to add:

So be nice.