Thursday, December 30, 2004

Bronx Championship Drought Is History

Tino Martinez
Curse Of The Bam-Tino Reversed

As the Yankees waited to complete a trade for Randy Johnson, the club made another move on Thursday, bringing former Yankee Tino Martinez back to the Bronx [...] Martinez played for the Yankees from 1996-2001, and helped the team win four World Series titles in that time...
And they haven't won one since. When Tino exited and Giambi entered, my good friend El Duque said to me, "The championship run is over." I didn't believe him, but he was right. The Curse is real...

...And it ends today.

Oh, and here comes Randy.


Anonymous said...


The curse isn't over. It has just begun.

The last time the Red Sox won a World Series, millions died due to a strain of Avian flu. More than 500,000 Americans. You can look it up.

Well, the Red Sox are champions again.

Notice anything?

El Duque (Posting as anonymous, because last week, somebody tried to blind me with a laser while at my cockpit keyboard.)

Dave said...

Being from Arizona, I'm not real happy about this Johnson trade... But I'm biased!

Superfrankenstein said...

So am I, Dave. The other way. But you can console yourself with 2004; at least the Diamondbacks aren't The Most Disgraced Franchise In The History Of Competitive Athletics. (You can make an argument for the Black Sox over the 04 Yankees, but it remains arguable. At least the Black Sox had a clear motive.)