Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Looking For Something?

If you found this place on a search engine, I can go to StatCounter.com and see the search terms you used. (I get links to sites that link to me, but not your name or where you go on the web. If I could learn those things, I would blackmail you.) Over the last five weeks, some of the people who got here through Google or Yahoo actually were looking for me. But a few ended up here by searching the web for:
Gary Sheffield wife tapes
surnames + kerik + jewish
And my favorite:
Teen Titans Mad Mod Sex
I understand the Sheffield's wife thing, and I already knew about anti-Semites, but Teen Titans Mad Mod sex? What did you expect to find?


El Duque said...


You want to know how I found out about your "page?" I'll tell you how I found out about your page:

Elbow grease.

Yes, Superfrankenstein, even in this age of google and yahoo, and battery-powered shavers that send out a pulse that actually makes your beard erect, allowing you to chop it off below the dermal membrane, some folks still aren't afraid to do a little old-fashioned digging.

That's how we harvest the magma of intellectuality which is buried deep below the cold outer crust of culture.

Superfrankenstein said...

El Duque,

It doesn't surprise me that a Google search for "elbow grease" brought you here. I guess it's just a small acknowledgement of the huge amounts of hard work I put into this.

Thanks for your comments, and... keep smilin'!


Anonymous said...

When I search for "Mad Mod Sex," there's only one thing I'm really looking for: SUPERFRANKENSTEIN!

--Stuart "Beast Boy" Moore

Superfrankenstein said...

'Nuff Said, Stuart!