Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Love Is... A Battlefield

Circumstantial evidence mounts against Long-Haired Baby (Backstory here). Today, Short-Haired Baby acts like nothing's wrong--which could be a bad sign in itself--but is that sidelong glance expressing love, or nervously checking the temperature of Long-Haired's mood?

It's probably nothing. My imagination's getting the best of me. Sure, that's all. Let's just check the cartoon against the warning signs posted on the King County Domestic Violence Home Page:

You may be at risk if the person you are dating or have dated in the past:
• Is scary. (You worry about your partner's reactions to things you might say or do.)
Huh. Three consecutive cartoons. The first three warnings signs, in order. What might tomorrow bring? Let's see. The fourth warning sign is:
• Threatens you, or uses weapons.
Unless I miss my guess, we should all use the next 24 hours to prepare for the most shocking Love Is... in history.

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Lulu said...

yep it truly is...