Thursday, December 16, 2004

Christmas With The Kranks

In the never-ending battle for eyeballs, I moved this post to MonkeyFilter.


El Duque said...


Zel Miller's thong offers new insight into his metaphorical use of "spitballs" in the GOP Convention Keynote Speech. Maybe he was describing something other than saliva. Have you thought of that?

You, who are so quick to pass judgment on others: have you thought of that?

Zel Miller, thong shiller.
Zel Miller, woman thriller.
Zel Miller, seed spiler.
Zel Miller, underpants filler.

Superfrankenstein said...

Zel Miller, ladykiller.

El Duque said...


V.O.S. said...

Zell Miller, the Thrillah in Manillah
Zell Miller, No one Chiller

i'm outta rhymes... and now for something completely different, from my LJ:
*Kerrrrrrkkrrrrr* Alderaan... we have a problem...

of course it failed... didn't they realize that:

a) naming the program after a sci-fi film
b) having a system based on the concept of Pong

were both bad ideas?

I mean have you see the machine? it's 15 Atari 500s wired to an Intelivision and it's controlled by a Dance-Dance pad and a Power Glove.


Superfrankenstein said...

See, Crowley, when the liberal BBC says the missile system "failed," that's just spin. Whether it was a success, well, that judgement call is going to be made, like it or not, and that's not our purpose here. All we know for certain is this: once the interceptor missile fails to take off, that's more than enough provocation for some people to jump all over the Department Of Defense. I'm not mentioning any names. Crowley.

El Duque said...

Crowley, Superfrankenstein

You've hit on something.

Why name the system after "Star Wars?" That's so 1977. Do they plan to shoot down missiles with light sabres? If they want a cool system, up to date, with buzz, they should call it "The Grudge."

V.O.S. said...

or "Random Will Smith movie title"

Anonymous said...

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